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Writing my first Ebook on Packing to China

The idea of writing an ebook is exciting, thrilling, and a bit adventurous. However, the reality is much different. It is actually very tedious, time-consuming, and a bit boring at times. Nevertheless, having a completed Ebook is somewhat of a great accomplishment, and I couldn't have done it without the help of my friends at Ebook Design Works.

For over a year I have been writing an Ebook on what to pack for a trip or moving to China. It has been a labor of love with a dash of hate and despair at the same time. My motivation for writing this book was to help anyone thinking of traveling to China. Now that we have moved and lived in over five countries I realize that we probably shouldn't have started with China. Why?

Because it is the hardest country to move and integrate into!!! Okay, maybe not the hardest as I haven't tried to incorporate myself and my family into Saudi Arabia, I bet that one is a doozie too. If you are thinking of moving and living abroad and deciding between normal Latin America, Europe or Asia, then China is up there on the problematic list. I could write a whole other post on why China is the hardest to integrate into, but I won't do that here. The short answer to that question is language and feasibility. We moved to China not knowing one word of Mandarin or Cantonese and never having traveled to China before. Yup, we signed up for a year sight unseen with a three and one-year-old in tow.

After being in China for 6 months, I began helping executives moving to Guangzhou through a relocation company and giving free Skype consultations to families thinking of making the same move. Everyone's questions were the same - What do I pack?

There were always very few questions about Communism, the One Child Law, or freedom of speech, but there were tons of questions on what to bring. We had these same questions before we made our move as well. Although families are immigrating into China every day for different reasons there is very little information out there on what to bring with you. So I wrote the Ebook: The Essential Packing List for Traveling to China.

The Essential Packing List for Traveling to China is a concise list of what any traveler should pack for a long or short trip to China. It is broken up into sections for adults and kids. If you are traveling with children, you have the information, if not then you can ignore those pages. It comes with checklists and explanations on why you might want to travel with Kleenex, and what kind of shoes should you pack. It explains why everyone should pack a scarf and even touches on getting a VPN (virtual private network) before traveling. You don't want to be able to access your work e-mail or Facebook for too long.

My biggest hurdle when writing my first ebook wasn't the content, it was the editing. I was so stuck on how to format my book. What colors to put where and how to best fit into my pictures and stories. I consider myself a reasonably savvy tech person, but I was stuck. I was even was using Pages by Apple; however, I couldn't make the book look like my vision. I wanted it to be easy to read, and pretty. After struggling for months on the look and feel of the book, I found Ebook Design Works.

I worked with Renee and Mark on explaining my vision and requirements for the book, and they took it and worked their magic. Mark even designed the cover as I am well, not a designer. The process was speedy, well organized and didn't break my bank. It actually was inexpensive compared to the number of hours I had already put in trying to do it myself and researching software to buy that still wouldn't have made it look as professional as it does. If you are thinking about writing an ebook, it is enough to work to worry about the content. Have Mark and Renee @Ebook Design Works handle how it looks.

I can't sing their praises enough because they took a project that I had on my laptop for months and made it into a real book!!! I know many people that want to write a book, and there are so many aspects that are daunting, which is why many people don't ever do it. I am here to tell you to do it!!!

What will I do with my new ebook? The only thing a person should do...SELL IT! I am going to sell the ebook on Amazon for $1.99. Figuring out pricing for a book is another process that I could research for hours, and there are tons of books and articles written about. For some reason, $1.99 feels right, although no material has told me so. I want the book to be accessible to everyone no matter what the age or income since they probably need to save their pennies for their trip to China.

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