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The Cost of Western Food in China

Depending on your comfort level with Chinese markets, cooking methods, and food stalls, you might be wondering how hard it will be to find your kids' favorite cereal, coffee, or chips.

If you read our cost of living in China post, you can see that our food budget was separated into our Chinese market money and our Western grocery store money. Being located in Guangzhou, we had more options than a smaller town. Double-check the conversion rate when checking prices they change daily.


Here are a few addresses of Jusco's in Southern China.

JUSCO (ジャスコ, Jasuko?) is the acronym for Japan United Stores Company, a chain of "general merchandise stores" (or hypermarket) and the largest of its type in Japan.


"High quality" is its selling point and it offers 17,000 different goods, including 5,000 imported fresh vegetables and meat products from over 40 countries like the US, Japan, France, Italy, and Southeast Asia.


METRO, from Germany, is the world's No. 1 Cash & Carry business. In 1996, METRO landed in China.


We all know what Wal-Mart is so no explanation there. Where can you find one...here is a list of all their locations in China. Here is a list of their Neighborhood Markets as well.

So now that you know where to go, what will you find?

Here are some prices from our local Western grocery store.

Since we are from the cheese state of Wisconsin, we can't stay away! This brick that would cost us $2.00 in Wisconsin will cost you $6.81 in China. But they have it!!!

Butter, yup, again we are from Wisconsin. This little tub of butter would cost us $4.59 in China vs $2.99 here in the states.

For my fellow European cheese lovers here is some cheese that is imported from France. For 10 slices of this delicious cheese, it will cost you $3.51.

Yes...this is frozen pizza!!! You can stop jumping up and down...they have it. Keep in mind that most homes don't have ovens so you have to have a toaster oven to cook it. This small 12" pizza will cost you $7.00. Not too bad!

Here is a packaged chicken in the grocery store. This might be a bit more recognizable way of purchasing your poultry vs. what you see in your local market. Although you might notice that the head is still attached.

Here is a picture inside the grocery store. As you can see it is very similar!

No worries you will be able to find your favorite treats, and if you can't you can always bribe a family member to ship it to you.

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