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Malaysia Street Art

Mosque, church, temple, graffiti (Street Art). The more we travel, the more we understand how important each of these expressions is essential to everyone's unique backgrounds, generation, or heritage.

The curiosity of each expression and belief grows within us as we walk the globe and meet exciting people who devote their time and effort towards each specifically.

We grew up Christian and continue to walk in this faith; nevertheless, the spirituality behind much of the graffiti or now more commonly recognized as Street Art moves our hearts, especially Zeek's. ☺️

I can't decide if I prefer Graffiti or Street Art as the official term. What do you call it? Do you stop and look at it or just walk by? Is it prevalent in your neighborhood as art or as vandalism?

Image credit http://www.focusmalaysia.my/All/best-graffiti-artists-to-paint-on-mrt-pillars

Here four of Malaysia's Graffiti Artists created a competition called #badlandbillboards Cloakwork, Katun, Dmojo, and Shade

images from https://www.andreamir.com/post/badlabbillboards

Check the links in this article and search hashtag #badlabbillboards

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