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Learning Kung Fu in China

When we were planning and contemplating our move to China as a family, never once did we really think about our kids' activities. I think it was because they were so young, only one and three and a half. There were also tons of other things we were worried about; housing, food, jobs, etc.

If you look at our budget in China, we also didn't have much money left over for fancy activities. We didn't want to confine our exploring either. Sure we could have looked into piano lessons, swimming classes, official language courses, and the list could go on, but that would have taken away from our family time exploring the streets Guangzhou together.

Through a family that attended the school where I taught English, we learned about morning Kung Fu classes that were taught by her grandfather. He was probably 70 had been a Sensei for over 30 years. The little girl I taught English to competed in Kung-Fu competitions at age 4. She was amazing! It was beautiful to watch her moves and her intensity.

Here is a typical morning warm-up for Lupita with another Sensai, a woman, which I loved!

The classes took place in a park two metro stops from our house. The entire family left at 7:45 in the morning and we were back by 9:30 in time for me to get to work. Depending on the day there would be 10 -25 students ranging from ages 3 - 60. The young learning from the old and the old learning from the young. Everyone at different levels and learning together with the main goal of one day becoming a Kung Fu Master!!

This activity was one that taught our family an important lesson that we had not learned as of yet.

A family that is active together grows together.

Three times a week, we sweated together, learned together, triumphed together, failed together, and laughed together at all of it. It was the best, and we were all getting healthier, exercising, and spending time together. I need to mention that Abe was only 1.5 at this point, so most of my time was spent helping Lupita and running around after Abe; nevertheless, we all experienced it together even though our activities were different. Don't let age differences deter you from doing things together.

Lupita is a few steps behind in this one. :)

Here is Zeek learning Kung Fu!

Where ever you are be open to new activities and of course bring the fam along!

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