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5 Tips on Finding a Job in China

Maybe you already have a job lined up in China or you are only beginning your search. The good news is there are jobs in China for you.

While still in the U.S., I had multiple job interviews via Skype. It took some time, but after about a month of interviewing, I had three job offers. I want to mention that many companies did not extend offers due to my age and family situation. There are no EEOC laws in China.

Depending on your country of origin, the most successful job you can find is Teaching English. The number of students and adults in China, hoping to learn English this year, is astounding.

5 Tips on Finding a Job in China

1. Set up a Skype Account

Register for a free Skype account. Select a professional-looking picture as your image, along with choosing a professional user name. This is how and where you will communicate with the majority of your potential employers. Think of this profile the same way you would treat your LinkedIn Profile.

2. Download Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a FREE messaging platform that works off of wifi. It is the main method of communication between you and a possible employer outside of Skype.

Download Whatsapp

Outside of work, this app is how most people communicate be it your new friends, work colleagues, or even your landlord. Another benefit is that your family and friends from all over the world can communicate with you on your travels for free. You can talk to them via chat, video or phone call through the app. I wish more people in the U.S. used this regularly.

3. Become TESOL Certified

As you begin your ESL teaching search. You will find that many of the listings will ask for TESOL, ESL, DELTA, CELTA certifications and some may specify what ages they would require you to be certified for.

What you become certified for is a personal decision; however, I recommend the TESOL certification. It is easier to find programs online that are affordable. I took my certification while working and am a mother of two. I couldn't go to London or New York for six weeks and pay $6000 for my certification. The TESOL certification is widely known.

I have to let you know that MOST jobs do not require you to have an English Second Language Certification of any kind. It also didn't give me a salary bump compared to my colleagues who didn't have their certification. Then why do I recommend it? Because the certification validates your abilities to teach, the curriculum teaches you vernacular that helps you on the job along with prepares you for lesson planning for multiple ages along with walking you through the everyday struggles learners have.

Why get certified

  • Opens up more job opportunities

  • Gives you work experience

  • Teaches you different curriculums

  • ESL vernacular

  • You feel more prepared in your interviews

4. Have all of your documents ready

The Chinese care about your documents. Have copies of your diplomas ready. A quick list of the documents they will want to see.

  • Copy of your passport page

  • Bachelors Degree Diploma

  • ESL Teaching Diploma

  • Any other academic achievement certification

Depending on the job either all or none of these will be requested. Although the more professional the employer the more documents they will require.

5. Ask to speak to other employees that are in Your Same Situation

Always ask to speak to current employees as references; however, I believe you should take it one step further and ask to talk to employees that might be in your same situation. For example, if you are a mother or father, ask to speak to another mother or father. If you are a single woman, ask to talk to other single females. You want to get the point of view from someone that might relate to issues you could face. If the employer says we have no women working here, that might be a red flag for you.

Here are some popular sites for looking for ESL Teaching Jobs.





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